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Planning & Scheduling Consultants, LLC

CPM Scheduling & Consulting

A Firm That Understands How Projects Get Built

Planning & Scheduling Consultant's (PSC) primary objective is to assist our client's project teams in developing the best project plan and incorporating that plan into an easy to understand project schedule. Planning & Scheduling Consultants creates and manages CPM Schedules from start to finish. During the past 24 years and having been involved in over 700 projects. PSC's most impressive statistic is that only 4 projects have been subject of any form of litigation.

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Proposal Schedules

Summary schedules created to provide an overview of how a particular construction venture may look at any given time in the building process. This also is referred to as a milestone schedule.

Preliminary Schedules

A more detailed product than the proposal schedule. These CPM Schedules are usually prepared early on in the design process and are broadened as the design gets more detailed.

Baseline Schedules

Often times called the contract schedule; this is the CPM Schedule that is used to monitor (be updated) through the construction cycle.



For many companies, having a full-time CPM scheduler with experience is a luxury our current economic environment will not allow. If a construction company does employ an individual with the abilities to plan and schedule a project, they also incur the area of greatest risk to a construction project. Planning and Scheduling Consultants retain that risk with an exemplary record of only four projects being subject to any form of litigation over the last 24 years.


This is where Planning & Scheduling Consultants, LLC comes in. We are in business to serve those who are in need of a detailed and fully coordinated project CPM schedule. Planning & Scheduling Consultants will exceed all your expectations in creating baseline CPM schedules required to meet the most demanding specifications such as those required by Army Corp of Engineers.






For any inquiries, questions or recommendations, please call: (970) 988-7047 or fill out the following form

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